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Product Returns Form


Dear Valued SIMEX Customer,

Below you will find guidelines for filling out SIMEX Product Returns Form as well as Shipping Instructions for returning your product to us.

Unless SIMEX receives a completed copy of the Product Returns Form from you (both via email and attached to your product shipment) your product repair will not be authorized.

Read guidelines below for correctly initiating a Product Returns Return, to ensure a smooth and timely RMA process. Contact SIMEX Sales Department with any questions:

Tel: (+48) 58 762-07-77

Step 1: Customer to fill in Product Returns Form and email it to SIMEX.

Step 2: In event that SIMEX approves the product return, SIMEX will create Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA No.) and send form back to customer including the RMA No.

Step 3: Customer will ship faulty product/s to SIMEX, including print out of Product Returns Form in shipment.

Step 4: SIMEX will repair faulty product/s and return to customer, with Product Returns form containing repair description, within 10 business days of receipt of shipment.


Non-warranty Return

SIMEX provides customers with repair cost estimate after making an initial test or inspection for all non-warranty returns.

Product Returns Form EXAMPLE

RMA No: Provided via email by SIMEX. RMA No. is created after SIMEX approves Product Return.

Reporter Name:
The name of the individual filling out the form

Email address of Reporter/ Contact person

Company Name:

The name of the company who purchased the product and is requesting a repair

Office Tel:

Contact person’s office number

Company Address:

The address of the company who purchased the product and is requesting a repair


Location of the company (or relevant branch)

Cell Phone:

Contact person’s cell phone number

Remarks: Enter any additional remarks i.e. if there is a particular urgency for the repair.


Complete part number

Customer Fault Description

Simex Repair Description


Part Number of the faulty product i.e. SRP-N118-1800-1-4-001. Usually located on a sticker on the product’s casing.

With sufficient detail, describe specific product fault so the SIMEX technician is able to carry out the repair.

Description of the repair carried out on your product. To be filled by SIMEX technician.

Unit S/N

Serial Number of the faulty product. Usually located on a sticker on the product’s casing.

Remember, once complete please email the form to SIMEX and include a copy in the product return package.


Shipping cost of under warranty products - from the Customer to SIMEX to be covered by the Customer and from SIMEX to the Customer to be covered by SIMEX.

When sending products back to SIMEX you are also requested to add a Pro-forma Invoice to the package sent. To avoid unnecessary delays or payments in customs, please indicate the following notes in the Invoice:

  • Returned export for repairs, no commercial value

  • Item Part Number and description (S/N if available)

  • Quantity of items

  • Value for customs (up to 50 EUR per shipment)

  • Problems / faults encountered in the products

Please send us a copy of the Pro-forma Invoice for approval before sending the package, to ensure compatibility with customs demands.

Shipping address:

SIMEX Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wielopole 11

80-556 Gdańsk


SIMEX Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wielopole 11

80-556 Gdańsk


tel. (+48 58) 76-20-777

fax (+48 58) 76-20-770