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Batching system weighing indicators provide analog output signal for tank/bin/hopper weighing systems. In combination with load cell product line, our weight indicators provide complete solutions for weighing applications.

General descrption
  • SWI-94
    The SWI-94 weight meter is designed for operations with load cells (strain gages) in simple industrial applications not requiring legal metrology approval. The meter is equipped with...
    Inputs measurement input: tensometer load cells 4-wire or 6-wire; programmable sensitivity selectable up to 2 mV/V or 4 mV/V; load cells power supply: 4,6 V ± 10%, Imax ~ 60 mA; connections: max. 4 load cells 350 Ohm; Programmable digital input: separated, low level 0V ÷ 1V; high level 10V ÷ 30V (about 5.5 mA @ 24V)
    Power consumption for 85 ÷ 260V AC/DC and 16V ÷ 35V AC power supply: max. 4,5 VA; 19V ÷ 50V DC power supply: max. 4,5 W
    Outputs 2 x REL Imax=1A, Umax=30V DC/250V AC (cos fi=1) or 2 x OC Imax=30 mA, Umax=30V DC, Pmax=100 mW; transducer power supply: 24 V DC + 5% -10% / max 100 mA
    Case material NORYL-GFN2S E1

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