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SimCorder Software - a time indicator and an optic indicator of status


Recording numerous parameters is associated with huge compilations of data which are impossible to be interpreted quickly as they are presented in a tabular, numerical form. The SimCorder Soft software does good in such applications. The basic version of the software allows to create charts comparing all collected results. Thanks to that it is easy to notice the difference between the same values measured in different places / conditions.


When recording concerns various parameters of one object (or numerous objects), what needs to be applied is the software version extended with semiSCADA - the module for graphic presentation of measurement results. A large collection of graphic objects has been extended with a time indicator and an optic indicator of status in the form of a LED diode. The time indicator is a functionality allowing time to be displayed in various extended formats. The optic indicator is a so called indicator allowing precise displaying of binary status (including emergencies) and facilitating detection of deviations.


New functionalities provide users with even greater possibilities in configuring semiSCADA in accordance with individual needs. They also result in a greater safety of measuring processes being monitored.



More information on page: SimCorder Soft

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