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CS KWC-065-FNS-C1-N-2

Kod: R165161410

Rexroth 165161410
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The ball runner block is highly precise and characterized by the following product features:
Size 65
Design FNS: Width = flange, length = normal, height = standard
Runner block body made of carbon steel CS
Preload class C1: Low preload
Accuracy class N: Normal
Without ball chain
With preservation
Without initial lubrication
Without attachment element, left (reference edge in front)
Without attachment element, right (reference edge in front)
45° angular lube nipples loosely attached.
Runner block body as standard version
Overall length of the runner block = 188,0 mm
Interchangeability: The runner blocks and the guide rails can be combined as desired within each accuracy class.

  • Area of application: For high rigidity requirements
  • Heavy-duty Ball Runner Block for heavy machine construction with extremely high load-bearing capacity
  • Maximum rigidity in all load directions
  • Improved rigidity under lift-off and side loading conditions due to two additional mounting screw holes at the center of the ball runner block
  • High torque load capacity
  • Attachments on the ball runner block can be mounted from above and below
  • Minimum lubrication quantities thanks to innovative channel design
  • Smooth, quiet running thanks to optimally designed ball return and guideway
  • Optimized entry-zone geometry and high number of balls minimize variation in elastic deflection
  • Different preload classes
  • End-face fastening thread for all attachments
  • Can be used on all SNS ball guide rails
  • Limitless interchangeability as all ball guide rail versions can be combined at will with all ball runner block versions



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