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CS KWD-025-SLH-C1-N-1

Kod: R162421420

Rexroth 162421420
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The ball runner block is highly precise and characterized by the following product features:
Size 25
Format SLH: Width = slimline, length = long, height = high
Runner block body made of carbon steel CS
Preload class C1: Low preload
Accuracy class N: Normal
Without ball chain
With initial lubrication and preservation
Bearing grease Dynalub 510
Without attachment element, left (reference edge in front)
Without attachment element, right (reference edge in front)
Straight lube connection loosely attached.
Runner block body as standard version
Overall length of the runner block= 107,9 mm
Interchangeability: The runner blocks and the guide rails can be combined as desired within each accuracy class.

  • Area of application: For restricted space in the transverse direction and high rigidity requirements
  • Higher rigidity than SLS
  • Significantly reduced frictional oscillations and low friction force level, particularly under external load
  • Maximum precision
  • Patented entry zone increases the travel accuracy up to a factor of six
  • High rigidity in all load directions – permits applications with just one runner block per rail
  • High torque load capacity
  • Limitless interchangeability as all ball guide rail systems can be combined at will with all ball runner block versions within each accuracy class.
  • Long-term lubrication is possible over several years
  • End-face fastening thread for all attachments
  • Smooth, quiet running thanks to optimally designed ball return and guideway
  • Different preload classes
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics
  • Can be used on all SNS/SNO ball guide rails
  • Ball runner block pre-lubricated at the factory


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