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FEM-E-S 32x32Rx3,969-2

Kod: R151239013

Rexroth 151239013
Nakrętki liniowe

Flanged single nut FEM-E-S with standard seal and standard backlash
Nominal diameter d0 = 32
Lead P = 32 (right-hand)
Ball diameter Dw = 3,969
Number of ball track turns i = 2

  • Rexroth connection dimensions
  • With seals
  • With left-hand version in some cases
  • Preload class: C0, C00, C1, C2, C3
  • Tolerance grade: T3 (for sizes as per the product overview for screws, see general technical notes and information, “Product description”), T5, T7, T9
  • Rexroth connecting dimensions
  • With seals


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